Be a Coffee person too!

Yes, we do love coffee...
... everything about coffee, 
its scent, color and atmosphere, its capability of providing energy and warmth ... 
Coffee is life, it brings people closer as family, eases conversation and is a fine excuse for a moment of relaxation. 

So from time to time we dig into it and let its transformation power to inflate us.

There is a popular telling that says; there are three kinds of humans. The Carrot kind gets too soft when under pressure and looses its structure. The Egg kind gets too hard during difficult times and its nature is lost. And, finally, there is a  third kind, the Coffee kind. That last kind finds its true self when facing the apparently, impossible moments, exhaling its fragrance, releasing its power and finding its very nature and purpose in life.

This is our goal for 2015. 
Join us and be a coffee person.
Along the year we will post pictures taken at coffee houses and from our own cups of coffee, just to inspire you and share with you our experiences.