Reselling Datcha

Page dedicated to buyers interested on reselling Datcha's products

Datcha Design -
Eco-friendly Design Studio - re-purposed materials, water based ink and natural coffee stain and fragrance. 

Our products are all hand-made using basically old damaged books, re-purposed and disposed materials. The main concern of Datcha Design is to re-use maintaining the aesthetics, the utility and the lightness of each piece. It ends up bringing an Eco-friendly aspect combined with a vintage atmosphere, which impregnates each and every piece of ours.
Datcha Design‘s products tend to tell a story, if not by their forms, then by the material they are built with.

"Quotes with Coffee" - specially brewed for book and coffee lovers. 

We took the time to curate interesting sentences; from classic quotes to original phrases, to be featured on our Book Marks, Door Marks and Greeting Cards.

We are sure coffee and book lovers from all around the globe will relate.

Book Marks - classic quotes

Book Marks - original phrases

 Book Marks - emulated parchment  


Door Marks - original quotes


Greeting Cards

If you have questions concerning price, quantities or any aspect of our products, please email us at

It is also a pleasure to announce that we can create according your very special needs. Personalised products and special requests are greatly accepted. If you would like to inquire how to commission a custom made product, just drop us a few lines describing your ideas and we will send you an estimate budget.